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Point of Sale is the ultimate software when it comes to managing your sale and inventory processes. Managing inventory is no easy feat; you need to know exactly what you have in stock, how much of it you have, where it is at the moment and who you need to get in touch with if you’re short. There’s no space for theft or shortage of stocks with POS whether you’re on site or miles away. Nothing escapes your attention when you have Avenir POS. When whatever is on the list is on the shelf your business is bound to boom. And why shouldn’t it? Your customers will always come back to the place where they always get what they want.

Avenir POS has dual access through two different platforms the sales terminal and the warehouse manager.

  Multiple Terminal Connectivity:  
This terminal is web-based and accessible to the administrator wherever he may be. The terminal allows the user to manage the stocks that are brought into the warehouse and then carried into stores. More than one store can be associated with a warehouse and the distribution of stocks can be appropriately documented to provide unmatched traceability.
  Dynamic Quantity Analysis:  
The user can set a minimum number for each item in inventory. When this number is reached he/she receives an alert to replenish the stock. This option can be activated for items on the shelf in a store as well as for items in store.
  Remote Access:  
The store owner can keep a close eye on inventory and sales wherever he has access to the internet through the web-based platform for POS.
  Separate Store and Warehouse Management:  
The demands of shelving and stocking items can be diverse and to combine the two takes away from the control required to managing stocks. POS allows you to treat store data and warehouse data separately and to document the movement of items between the two.
  Generate and Print Barcodes:  
Information on store items can be accessed by providing the name, category, distributor info or the barcode number, which is a combination of all of the above. The software generates 14 digit barcode IDs that are unique to a certain item. Barcodes can also be printed in order to label stocks before being sent out onto shelves.
  Flexible Entry Method:  
The Sales Terminal has been designed for use at the cash counter. It allows the sales clerk to enter the information through either the barcode reader or the keyboard. The terminal is linked with the inventory database and performs the necessary increment or decrements along with calculating the total charges.
  Discount Management:  
A discount manager dialog box is hidden from view for the convenience of the sales clerk, however, the dialog box immediately springs open when you press the shortcut keys and calculates the amount of provided percentage discount to be deducted.
  Credit Card or Cash Billing:  

The payment module is a complete cash register built into the system. It allows the sales clerk to either enter the amount of cash received or charge the bill to the customer’s credit or debit card.

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