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About Avenir

At Avenir Technologies, we believe that no problem is too big or too small. We serve proprietors and small businesses with the same zest and dedication that we show to our multinational clients.

Our current workforce comprises 200 committed tech professionals who provide practical solutions for a wide range of complex workplace obstacles; personify the culture and vision of Avenir Technologies, and represent the finest team of experts in Pakistan with a global knowhow and a local flair.

We recently launched a 100-seat BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) call centre as part of our expansion ambitions which will open the doors for additional 200 customer service representatives very soon. This is testament to our belief in our future prospects despite the global economic recession.

With unflinching service to our international clientele, Avenir Technologies has earned an enviable reputation for uncompromising excellence in our product and services spheres, ranking today among the top IT companies worldwide.

While we intend to establish ourselves as a next-generation global force, we believe in forging strategic long-term alliances with reliable, trusted technology solutions partners. Avenir Technologies is a front-running member of the Pakistan Software Export Board and a trusted Microsoft Certified Partner.

Take a look at our high-profile client base across four continents in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Pakistan. You will see why our trademark Midas touch remains the hallmark of Avenir Technologies and our work philosophy.


Since joining the club of top tier of businesses in Pakistan, Avenir Technologies has selected a team of Risk Management professionals who understand the sensitivities and trends of the local and international marketplaces. This is part of our commitment to our clients as well as a safety net for our own interests in a volatile international business environment.

We believe in protecting our interests and ensuring we keep our end of the bargain when you invest in the growth of our business. After all, this is only common sense and not rocket science. In fact, our unprecedented expansion in the last few months is testament to our commitment for the long-term success of our growing patronage of partners.

About Us
  About Avenir
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