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Personnel Manager is the virtual representation of your business processes. It allows you to document all important aspect of employee management. Using office automation tools you can add employees to your organization and assign them job designations and responsibilities so that everything is properly documented and easily accessible to your Human Resources personnel. Knowledge is power, and equipped with Personnel Manager your employees work more effectively to reduce costs and increase profits.
  Payroll Management:  
Money matters lie at the heart of any business and Personnel Manager allows you to manage employee payroll effortlessly. With Personnel Manager you assign a basic pay, benefits and compensation plans to an employee’s record the moment they join. There’s neither a glitch in the system or a penny out of place with Personnel Manager.  
  Access to Employee Attendance Reports:  
Personnel Manager allows you to keep and update employee attendance by the minute so not only do you keep a track of employee performance but you can actually allow them to see for themselves how many hours they’ve worked daily, every week. Limited and secured privileges are assigned to employees so they can see the data that affects them without exposing the system to security threats.

 An interactive interface allows you to maintain a list of all available positions within the company. For internal hiring and referrals, employees can access the list of available positions inside the company on the office network and submit their application just by clicking the ‘apply’ button next to the job listing. External job seekers can access the same page online and submit their credentials and relevant information by filling out the available form.

 Every applicant is assigned a resume tracking number. Applicants can update their CV’s online whenever they feel the need just by using their assigned number and password to access their resume.

  Employee Skill Matrix Management:  
The program manages a skill matrix for all your employees, listing details of the skills and strengths possessed by each employee. This helps you in having access to all the information you need every time you have to make important decisions regarding internal hiring and training. It also allows employees to log on to the page and update their skill matrix so that you are in touch with things as they are regarding the progress employees are making.
  Flawless Leave Management:  
Employees and HR can easily look at the number of leaves availed by an employee and whatever is left over from their quota. HR personnel, given the privilege, can also make the necessary additions.
  Tracking Loan Applications and Payments:  
One module allows you to define all loan plans available to employees. That is not all; the module also allows you to update the amount every month to carry out necessary deductions.
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