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Avenir CRM automates all the needs of your Marketing, Sales and Support staff such as Telephony, or the ability to conduct phone calls and manage call data, tools to capture, manage, share and manage automated alert on lead data as it passes through the sales pipeline. CRM software provides a standard frame work for pushing leads through a sales pipeline and managing it amongst many stakeholders, in real time in order to provide better customer relations and grow revenues by creating more sales, and losing fewer customers.
  Stay updated  
Avenir CRM offers you dynamic web based information management that allows team-mates to update information wherever they have web access. That means you know exactly where you stand by the minute. So when a client reschedules you can re-assign your resources and re-prioritize accordingly.
  Share your workload  
Delegating work to employees and then finding that they’re not accessible, or having to remind them every time you need a report can be frustrating. When your employees are loose on the town and you want them within earshot at the same time Avenir CRM is the way to go. Its connectivity options inspire your team to work better together by staying connected.
  Web Based Access  
Take our web based portal for example. It even installs on your PDA and allows you to monitor work wherever you are. You can be miles away from office yet totally in control. Client Relations has never been this time efficient.
  Your Virtual Diary  
The software becomes more and more helpful as you use it. Soon enough all the contacts you would ever need are on the list, just an email or phone call away. It’s like a portfolio for your PR activity. As your contacts grow, so does the list and the information on your contacts. Leads turn into potentials and potentials into clients effortlessly when you manage your data right.
  Scheduling made easier  
What would today be like? One click on the calendar option and you know exactly what you are doing today and at what time. That’s not all; you can also see what your team is up to. In fact you know exactly when, where and who they are meeting that week or even that month. Better than the horoscope any day.
  Product Knowledge  
All the information regarding the products you sell and the packages you offer is accessible here, so whether you’re on the phone or in a meeting with a client, you have the important details at your fingertips, literally!
  Call Management  

The CRM software plugs in with your dialer to act as a dialer interface. Agents can receive calls and save the customer’s information for processing. If the customer is busy they can simply schedule a call back or a conference call with a supervisor. With inbound services Avenir CRM allows you to take down all the important information through one single screen and even set reminders as needed.

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